The impact of a seed

What is the impact of your work? How many people have you affected?

These are questions that most people working in the social and environmental field are confronted with. Impact translates into numbers usually – statistics that supposedly reveal to the jurors whether the work is worth it or not, whether you are worth it or not. It’s a question that haunts people.
How does one measure impact? What is the impact of a mother on a child? What is the impact of a seed on a forest?
In 2016, eCoexist completes ten years of work and this question looms large over our heads. What have you got to show for ten years we are asked?
I don’t have a doubt that we have had an impact – because in this interconnected Universe even a butterflys wings can have an impact on the economy.
Action impacts.
How, how much and what kind is something that we have been unable so far to quantify. Mostly because we have not made an effort to measure our impact. Because it has not guided our actions.  We have made decisions without falling back on numbers to justify them.  We have done what is evidently necessary and obviously needs to be done.
Is this the right way to act?
Ask a flower, do you know the right way to bloom?

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