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Shipping and Return Policy

A. Holi Colours 

Terms and Conditions for Distributors:
1. We offer a commission of 20% on MRP
2. 50% advance of total invoice amount to be paid at the time of placing the order and balance 50% needs to be paid on delivery.
3. The transport cost for the first order would be borne by eCoexist. Subsequent reorders transport cost would have to be borne by client.
4. Expected time for delivery by courier is between 5 – 10 days
5. Any special packaging needs require at least two months advance notice before Holi.
6. Colours have been lab tested for heavy metal such as Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury.
7. eCoexist is not responsible for compliance with regulations in countries other than India – Importers will be responsible for the same.
8. Injuries due to rough play during Holi are not the responsibility of eCoexist.
9. Colours are best used within six months of date of manufacture as all the ingredients are natural and do not contain any preservatives.
10.The Rang Dulaar colours are meant for EXTERNAL USE only. They are not edible and should not be ingested.
11. Please take enough precautions to protect eyes while playing Holi.
12. The colours will leave a temporary stain on skin and clothing which can be washed off.
13. These colours are not meant for dyeing or painting purposes.

Return policy for customers:

The Rang Dulaar Natural Holi colours are a perishable product.

Unopened purchases can be returned for a full refund upto 15 days after purchase.

Packets that have been opened cannot be refunded.

Return shipping has to be borne by the customer

B. Ganesh Idols 
Terms and Conditions for Distributors :

1. The idols will be sold based on outright purchase only.
2. To avail free transport, you will have to place orders for at least 50 idols.
3. We give 20% commission on the MRP for a minimum order of 75 idols.
4. Damages to the idols after delivery to you, are NOT the responsibility of eCoexist.
5. The idols are not packed individually and shall be delivered to you open.
6. As the idols are fragile and painted with natural paints, minor scratches during transportation
cannot be avoided.
7. An idol shall be considered ‘damaged’ only if any part of it is irreparably broken.
8.At the time of delivery you are supposed to check all the idols and then put your signature on the delivery challan.
9. You need to pay 50% of your invoice amount as advance to confirm the order and balance 50% will be paid on delivery (PD cheque will be accepted with a maximum of 30 days’ credit period).
10. If the credit period goes up to 60 days, an interest of 10% on the total payable amount per month will be levied.
11. In case the credit period goes more than 90 days the interest rate will be 15% of the payable amount per month.
12. Please keep the final cheque (A/C payee) ready and hand it over to eCoexist representative on delivery, otherwise make a direct bank transfer within a week’s time.
13. Cancellation of order/s will be accepted only till 48 hrs before your scheduled delivery
not after that.
Return policy for customers:
The Ganesh idols are a fragile item that cannot be returned once purchased. 
C. Cloth bags
The cloth bags from eCoexist are a handmade product that can have a 15 to 20% margin for accuracy in dimension. 
If you are not happy with the cloth bag you can return it to us for a full refund within 15 days of purchase as long as they have not been used. 
Customised cloth bags and bulk orders are not returnable.
Write to us at [email protected] or call 9049143522 to request a return and refund.