We can custom design cloth packaging for your products to offer zero waste packaging solutions


Alongside the work we do on sustainable materials and products, eCoexist is now starting work on a new vertical focussed on Experential Learning to help people deepen their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. These experiences, whether held at our lovely office space or at anyone of the several outdoor locations we partner with, will be aimed at offering you a taste of an activity that can bring you closer to a simpler and more sustainable life. Facilitated by our founder Manisha Sheth Gutman, the events will enable to you nitegrate and imbibe the experiences into your daily life and show you how you can make a shift.


The act of spinning khadi involves a complete coordination of mind and body and is a powerful way to calm the mind. Gandhiji advocated the practice of spinning khadi on a daily basis and this exercise is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. Come and watch how khadi can be spun by hand, learn more about the story of khadi and if you like it, sign up for a three day course in Jan 2022. The session is taught by Sri Madhav Sahasrabudhe who has been teaching spinning for over a decade. Take a glimpse in this video –

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This event will be hosted if there are minimum 10 participants.

Date & Time – Sunday 21st November, 3pm to 5pm

Address – eCoexist, Plot No 59, Survey No 234, Lane 2A Sanjay Park, Old Airport Road, Yerawada, Pune

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Contact Vrunda @ 9869359081 for more details.


The eCoexist Foundation was formed in 2017 to carry forward the education and advocacy work of eCoexist. We have led several successful campaigns over the years.


In 2020, the eCoexist Foundation launched the Punaravartan campaign that aimed to collect and recycle natural clay from the clay Ganesh idols after immersion during the Ganesh festival. This campaign was expanded to a city wide scale in 2022, partnering with over 20 organisations and resulting in a collection of nearly 18000 kg of clay. Read about the incredible success of this work on the Punaravartan website here.


Single Use Disposable products wreak havoc on the natural environment as they are usually made of toxic man made non biodegradable materials such as plastic, polystyrene and mettallised multi layered films. This campaign aims to revive the habit of reuse among consumers by encouraging them to change their habits, offering alternative products they can use and redesigning systems that can support reuse. Several states in India have now banned single use disposables and eCoexist has been following the situation in Maharashtra closely.


The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi has led to a large scale of water pollution in recent times as the material used to make the Ganesh idols and the decorations in this festival moved from traditional natural clay to Plaster of Paris and chemical paints. When such idols are immersed in water bodies they damage marine life and pollute water ways. Since 2007, eCoexist has been promoting the use of natural materials such as clay, paper and cow dung in this festival.


Originally Holi was a festival to welcome spring and the colours used to play were all made of flowers and leaves, some of which had cooling and medicinal properties. The use of toxic chemical dyes for this festival had caused damage to skin lungs and eyes and eCoexist has developed a brand of colours called Rang Dulaar to help people celebrate in a completely natural way. This project also provides income to several underprivileged groups in the making and packaging of the colours.


In 2010, eCoexist began a series of annual events called The Beauty of Recycling which aimed to highlight the aesthetic and financial potential of recycling and up cycling. While recycling has been an age old tradition in India, it was mostly done for economic reasons and as society started to become upwardly mobile, urban lifestyles became more and more wasteful. This campaign brings a consciousness into resource use by showing people creative ways of up cycling and recycling. 


eCoexist Enterprises LLP is the social enterprise that ensures that our artisans are able to access a fair market. All our products are handmade and completely eco friendly.


A range of hand made cotton and canvas bags to drastically reduce your need for plastic bags. With several styles and artworks to choose from, our bags are easy to customise and they make excellent branding tools. Commit to a plastic free world by using our bags again  and again!


Check out our stunning range of biodegradable Ganesh idols made of natural clay, paper cache, and cow dung. These idols are made by traditional artisans across the country. Our idols dissolve in water and are not harmful in any way to wildlife. They can be immersed at home too.


Colours made of natural ingredients such as turmeric, indigo and rice flour, leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy while bringing an abundance of joy and cheer to the festivities. They also provide an income to several underprivileged groups from farmers, to prisoners to self help groups.


Gorgeous childrens books on Nature and Environment for you to read with your children. Authored by prominent environmentalists, these books are a delight to young and old alike. We are now offering story telling sessions with the authors as well.


eCoexist is helping a women farmers group in Karnataka called Vanastree who have a seed saving network for organic open pollinated seeds. For those of you looking for high quality seeds for your gardens..this is the group to order from.


We offer a variety of simple hand made masks, made by the women of Ahwalwadi village. With three layers of soft cotton fabrics, these come in plain, embroidered and with a turmeric dye as well.


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