G|RC|My|12: Eco Renewed Clay Ganesh Idol: Punaravartan Mysuri – 12″


The Mysuri is the posture that this Ganesha is in – seated in an easy stance. With his elaborate detailing he could be a prince among Ganeshas…

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Clay ( Shaadu Maati) is a material that can be reused several times. In the Punaravartan campaign the clay is collected after visarjan and returned to the artisans free of cost. It is renewed by them and used to make a fresh range of idols. This protects the environment by reducing mining of fresh clay, ensuring it does not go to waste and also keeping natural water bodies free of clay sediments. You can return your clay after visarjan – register at www.punaravartan.org

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 20.96 × 15.24 × 24.13 cm


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