PO the Pangolin


Can You Imagine an animal with a tongue almost as long as its body? Why would it need such a long one? The Tongue is just one of several unusual things about the creature called a pangolin. This is a story about Po, a little Pangolin, who sets out late one evening to look for food, only to run into some trouble. What tricks can a pangolin play to get out of trouble? read on and find out!

Age group 6 – 8 years

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Pangolin toy handmade felt by Women artisans of Uniyara (Do Gul)
Set of 1 book + 1 Toy

Book: Po Tricks his Foe – Story by Sharmila Deo (kalpavriksh)

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Dimensions 33.02 × 0.0 × 43.18 cm


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