WellPaper : Upcycling Newspaper


WellPaper is a womens group based in Auroville, Tamil Nadu. The group has a vision to create a ripple effect of elevating women’s status within rural communities across India by making them financially independent. Wellpaper conducts training and workshops to reach other rural women and small business units, encouraging them to develop business models based on local art by up-cycling wastes.


Wellpaper is making wealth out of waste. The products are entirely made from waste materials such as newspapers, plastic bottles, styrofoam, waste metal wires, used CD/DVDs, rice sacks, packages of animal’s food, mango seeds and more are in development. Furthermore, we are in constant search for ecological friendly materials. The products’ are coated with nontoxic water based varnish by “Dolphin ink, which do not contain any heavy metals or petroleum products. The glue we used is called “Maida glue” which is made of wheat flour. We recycle only The Hindu newspaper due to safety and strength of the newspaper. The Hindu use more dense paper than other local publishers and more importantly their unique hot printing technique avoid the ink to leak.