FAQ: Ganesh Idols

1. What are the materials used to make your eco friendly Ganesh idols?

The eCoexist idols are made using natural clay, paper mache and cow dung.

2. What kind of paints do you use?

The bulk of our idols are painted using natural pigments such as turmeric, red earth and soil from Multan ( Multani mitti). These are naturally occurring substances and totally biodegradable. We use water based paints minimally for the eyes of the idols.

3. Are these idols hand made? Who makes your idols?

eCoexist has been working with traditional sculptor communities based in Karnataka and Maharashtra since 2007. We engage with the sculptors in the process of design of material and finished item.

4. Will they break easily?

The eCoexist idols are meant to disintegrate easily when immersed in water. They are sun dried , which means they are not baked in a furnace and this means that they are very fragile. They do break easily but if handled with care they can even last for years. Please refer to our manual on how to handle the idols .

5. Are these idols allowed by Hindu religion?

The eCoexist idols have been blessed by Vedic scholars and the entire campaign to protect our natural resources has received the approval of religious and spiritual leaders. The products and processes promoted by eCoexist do not in any way go against religious belief.

6. Why are your idols so expensive?

Since the idols are fragile, there is a large amount of breakage and loss involved in the project. These losses need to be covered by us as the sculptors cannot afford to bear the losses. This results in an increase of price per idol.

7. How should we immerse these idols?

The eCoexist idols can be immersed in a bowl / bucket of clean water at home as well. The idols will dissolve in a matter of a few hours.

8. What can we do with the sludge collected after immersion?

The sludge that collects can be poured into a garden nearby. In this way the intention of the worship ritual reaches back to the earth.

9. What will happen if the idols break during worship?

Correct handling of the idol will prevent any damage during the worship. Keep the idols away from moisture as this softens the clay. It is easy to repair an idol that has a small crack on it and we can advise you on how to do this.

10. Can you home deliver the idols?

No we do not home deliver the idols. You can either pick them up directly from our office or from a store nearby your home.

11. When can I book my idol for the upcoming season?

Normally, the eCoexist catalogue is out by mid May and we start taking orders from June every year. The earlier you book the idols the better chance you have of getting a preferred design.