The eCoexist Foundation promotes the evolution of environmental consciousness and helps build a society that is deeply connected to Nature.

For human beings to live a creative, happy and fulfilled life they need to experience and understand their place in the ecosystem and to find ways to live in harmony with the living and nonliving environment that sustains their life. In modern society, and in urban environments, this deep connection has been severely damaged and has isolated humanity from its natural origins.

The eCoexist foundation aims to help restore this feeling of interconnectedness, by making people conscious about their food, their lifestyle choices and their dependence on the animal world.

It aims to invoke love and respect for Nature in the human heart and by doing this, to build societies and environments that are healthy, prosperous, content and harmonious. It creates communities that are built on the sharing of resources, where a self aware population lives in interdependent and symbiotic relationships, sensitive to the underprivileged and challenged members of the community.It does this using all the creative human potential available, through arts, design and beauty, and with an attitude of service.

The vision of eCoexist Foundation is to build a generation of self aware individuals that are highly conscious of their place in and their obligations to, the Natural world.

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