Designing for Social Change: Designers Meet


  • Mugdha Sethi: Artist / Illustrator
  • Dr Madhumita Puri, Mental Health Expert, Founder, Trash to Cash
  • Dorothee, Auroville
  • Dhara Kabaria: Interior Designer

Talks on:

  1. Connecting designers with social groups: Mugdha Sethi
  2. Livelihoods for mentally challenged with products out of waste: Dr Madhumita Puri
  3. Construction blocks out of waste thermocol: An experiment: Dorothee
  4. Crafting products out of waste plastic bags, thermocol and aluminium foil packets: Dhara Kabaria

Discussing :

  1. Ownership of social and environmental responsibility by designers
  2. Craftsmanship vs skill development in underprivileged communities
  3. Copyleft open source design
  4. Collective design  – facilitating grassroots innovation
  5. Valuing design – costing of collective design
  6. Design that is culturally relevant – moving from ethnic to international
  7. Telling the story – building value through the labels and packaging
  8. Competition with monopolies
  9. Materials – returning to natural materials and working with waste
  10. Designing for disposal

Discussion facilitated by Khushru Irani and Manisha Gutman.