Carrying the Earth : 2016

‘Carrying the Earth’ is an event to invite artists and designers to use the cloth and canvas bags on which to create beautiful artwork that carries the message of conservation of natural resources.

Themes will include – toxic free living, problems with plastic, the beauty of nature etc and will aim to inspire viewers to make a switch from using plastic bags to cloth carry bags.

Artists and designers will be invited to participate in the event by contributing three works of art done on our cloth bags. These works will be showcased in an exhibition which will be launched on 5th June Sunday World Environment Day.

We intend to involve both contemporary as well as folks artists to participate.

PRODUCTS: Those artworks that can be reproduced may also be reprinted on cloth bags for sale at the event with due credit to the artists.

Proceeds from the event will go into supporting the UseMeAgain campaign and training more women to make cloth bags.

WORKSHOPS: Alongside the exhibition, we will conduct activities with children where they will paint the cloth bags and will learn about the importance of avoiding plastic carry bags.