Our cloth bags are traveling to other countries to convince people about the need to stop using plastic...

In a town called Heiden in Germany, a doctor Felix van Moll offers our cloth bags to the mayor Hans Jurgen Benson, with a request to make the town free of plastic bags. Felix has branded the bags and offers them to nurses and clients - proud to be a practise that avoids plastic.
Elections are around the corner in the east of Netherlands  and the Labour Party expresses its love for the environment with our labour of love - the cloth bags. They will go to Rheden, Doesburg, Doetinchem en Montferland. All members of the labour party will get a bag each and they will also be distributed free to citizens on the street during the election campaigns.
Season II of the Virtual Internship Programme designed by eCoexist begins this week with the Franklin University in Lugano Switzerland, studying plastic bag usage in the town of Lugano. Two students from Franklin University will work alongside a User Interface student from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune to look the issue in three areas of Research, Innovation and Promotion.
Originally from California, Rachel Richardson moved to pursue a double major at Franklin University in Switzerland in the fields of Environmental Studies and International Management. She also studied Marine Resource Management in Turks and Caicos. Rachel created and directed a sustainable After-school Dance Program for the Boys and Girls Club locations across Orange County, California. She has competed in the USASF Dance Worlds, and traveled abroad with Student Ambassador Programs as well as Franklin University Switzerland. Thanks to her newly attained knowledge about the world around her, her passion for environmental sustainability continues to grow tremendously.
Ariana Satina is currently completing her studies at Franklin University Switzerland with a major in communication and media studies and a minor in psychology.  Passionate about traveling and intercultural communication, she has a deep appreciation for her time in Europe.  Previously, she worked as a social media consultant, providing consultation and insight on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  In her free time, Ariana enjoys discovering music, having meaningful conversations, reading captivating novels, and playing her flute.
Anjali Bhagwani is a student at Symbiosis Institute of Design currently perusing her bachelors in Design with a major in User Experience Design. She has been interning at eCoexist for the  UseMeAgain campaign where she is looking at the Behavior Design aspect of it. Her past projects include developing empathetic tools for people with disability, green transportation and automation of government medical schemes to make them accessible to the poor.
And meanwhile the bags we have made for Sangam Girl Guides travel with the girls all over the world...