UseMeAgain is a campaign to encourage the reuse of cloth bags to replace plastic carry bags. This campaign was initiated by eCoexist in 2010 - the last time the Maharashtra government promised to implement a ban on plastic bags. For the past seven years eCoexist has been trying to establish a sustainable supply chain of reusable alternatives. This year, once again, the government is making a similar promise and we have brought together a number of citizens to discuss this promise and what it could mean for our city of Pune.

As the debates around the plastic bag ban continue, there are many issues that we would like to share and discuss together . We would like to invite you to come to the third citizens meeting on the subject.
Tentative agenda for the meeting
1: Discussion on pros and cons of plastic waste to fuel: Neelesh Inamdar, PatPert
2. Updates on awareness raising activity by volunteers: Chaitanya, PRBM Marathon
3. Discussion on meetings with the PMC: Manisha Gutman
4. Possible poster visuals design by design team : Ashwin Chikerur / Anjali Bhagwani
5. New groups and efforts they are making: TBD
Please register your attendance on this form if you would like to attend
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