The Beauty of Recycling 2017

In early September eCoexist is going to start our Beauty of Recycling festival for 2017 - this year we are mainly focusing on training and skill development in recycling and up cycling. We will be inviting a series of product and fashion designers to come to Pune and impart trainings to kids, adults and groups that could possibly earn from up cycling.
The first designer who is coming our way is Anuj Sharma , from NID Ahmedabad. Anuj is an established fashion designer who has come up with a unique technique to make garments bags shoes curtains and a range of things - without any stitching at all!! His technique does not require fabrics to be cut to shape and therefore involves zero wastage. When necessary the garment is simply opened out to become something else. The technique can also easily be used with waste plastics tarpaulin and other waste materials. Take a look at the attached video of how he taught street kids to make their own raincoats....
Watch a video of Anuj's work here
We will be holding his workshops in Pune for several under privileged groups and for people with disability. So far we have finalised workshops for
1. Sangam Girl Guides Centre : 7th Sept 2017
2. Bal Kalyan Sanstha: 8th Sept 2017
3. Swayam Shikshan Prayog : 9th Sept 2017

We are also considering a workshop for individuals to learn from Anuj. 

Please contact us if

1. You would like to learn this technique - the fee per individual is Rs 1500/- 
Tentative date : Friday 8th Sept afternoon : Venue: Sristi school of design
2. If you would like to host this training for a group you are helping already.
3. If you are in a position and inspired to sponsor the training for a group that needs it. ( Rates are lower for schools and underprivileged groups )

We are also delighted to say the the Sristi School of Design is one of our partners this year - the design students will be observing and studying the design process during the trainings and then working further with the beneficiary groups to help them establish the process in their own contexts.

We look forward to your thoughts and feedback.
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