Devalaya : Corrugated paper temple


Devalaya is a corrugated paper replica of a traditional Ganesh temple from the Pune region. Ideal for the Ganesh festival, the Devalaya can also be a year long companion to be used for all festivals. It can be assembled piece by piece for the festival of for special occasions and can then be taken apart to be neatly packed in a box for future use. All the elements of the devalaya are completely biodegradable and it does not use any toxic glues whatsoever in its making. You can decorate it further as you like and make it a wonderful family activity. Avoid the use of plastic and thermocol in your worship and make sure it is is completely safe for the environment.

Inner space dimensions: 15 ” x 15″ x 15″

Outer dimensions: 19″ x 21″ x 42 “

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Dimensions 21 × 19 × 42 cm


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