Visually challenged girls at the Home and School for Blind Girls , Pune

Every year we play Holi for several days together...

The eCoexist Holi hearts parties strives to bring our Rang Dulaar Natural Holi colours to children and people who may not be able to afford to buy them - special children with disability, homeless people and folks under privileged in so many different ways...

Joined by volunteers from the Vishwakarma Institute of Management this year the eCoexist team went to 11 different groups to play Holi. These parties were sponsored by corporate companies, friends of eCoexist and by our own team. We played with hearing impaired children, visually challenged kids, sex workers kids, homeless people, slow learners, mentally challenged autistic kids, older women.... so many people who are identified with a disability but actually have hearts larger than we can know.
Gorgeous ladies at Maher ashram for the homeless...
Our parties went to the following institutions this year
1. Bal Kalyan Sanstha sponsored by Emcure Pharmaceuticals
2. Blind Girls School sponsored by Cummins group
3. Maher Vatsalyadham ashram sponsored by the Boscos
4. Maher mentally challenged women sponsored by Sangam Girl Guides
5. Deep Griha sponsored by Denis Houard
6. Nav Kshitij home for the mentally challenged sponsored by Emcure Pharmaceuticals
7. Vidya Jyoti school for slow learners sponsored by a Bitgiving crowd funding campaign
8. Apne Aap Collectives in Mumbai sponsored by the Integral Space team!
Hearing impaired children at Bal Kalyan Sanstha: Party sponsored by Emcure Pharmaceuticals
In all we played Holi with between 800 - 1000 special people!

How can we tell you why we do this?

The joy that we see as smiles break out on these faces is the experience we cherish every year. To look deep into the eyes of someone who has suffered undescribable challenge, to know that they still have access to such a light within, reinforces our faith in love and in humanity. Many of them are thirsting for touch, for recognition... and Holi brings them this occasion. Children find ways to burst out their inner delight, shouting and screaming when they cant see and running around in circles when they cant speak. A gesture, a touch of love and a hug is all they need!

eCoexist is honoured to be able to play with them every year!

Next time, why dont you join us?

Holi with the Vidya Jyoti school for slow learners, Pune.
With thanks to our donors

Emcure Pharmaceuticals
Monique and Matteo Bosco
Denis Houard
Sally Collela
Mona Doctor and the Integral Space
Jen Barron and Sangam Girl Guides Center
Shyamal Gupta
Manish Subramanian
Shashi Mishra
Varun Sahdev
Gautam Idnani
Piyush Kumar
Shyamal Gupta
Ashish Vyas
Preet Goenka and
Bitgiving !
and the students of Vishwakarma Institute of Management

Manoj Badade
Mohammad Patta
Kaustubh Alatkar
Minal Tope
Rajat Ujawane
Aswathy Padmanabhan
Amruta Bora
Rohan Mendhe