Contribute to the Holi Hearts parties for underprivileged kids.

eCoexist believes that Holi is a celebration of great joy and an occasion when society can come closer. We invite people to step out of their comfort zones during this amazing festival and reach out to children not as privileged as themselves, perhaps economically, physically or mentally challenged.

Our natural colours are made by women out of pure turmeric, they are lab tested for heavy metal content.

In the past seven years, we have played Holi with :
1. Blind or visually impaired children
2. Mentally challenged children
3. Hearing impaired children
4. Slum children
5. Construction workers migrant children
6. Orphans and adoption homes
7. Children from economically weaker sections of society

Schools that have participated in the past years :
1. Bal Kalyan Sanstha
2. Blind Boys School
3. Blind Girls School
4. Vidya Jyoti School
5. Nav Kshitij Foundation for the mentally challenged
6. BSSK Orphanage
7. Doorstep School
8. Balwant Phadke School
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How does it work?
eCoexist approaches an NGO, or educational institution and offers them the opportunity to play Holi. The group confirms and specifies how many children would be involved. A budget is drawn up considering colours required, snacks if necessary and logistics for transport or music. eCoexist then approaches interested sponsors to see if they would like to contribute to any of the events lined up.

Participating corporates are expected not only to financially cover the costs of the event they choose but also send their employees to play Holi with the children. An orientation is given by eCoexist to the sponsor on the specific challenges of the group of children involved for eg, if they are blind or mentally challenged, so that volunteers can be sensitive and careful while playing. An eCoexist member is present at each event to ensure the smooth flow of the activity.

How does it help the children?
Holi is an event where children can completely abandon all their concerns and feelings of limitations. The opportunities to play with colour and water, to touch and to be touched, to scream and shout if they can, gesticulate and run around if they cant , are extremely therapeutic to challenged children. If in addition, the children are allowed to play with other children, not normally form their sphere of experience, to touch them and laugh with them, this allows them to transcend boundaries of society that they cannot normally.

How does it help you?
The eCoexist Holi hearts parties create an experience for you that you will never ever forget. Everyone who has ever played Holi in this way, returns home transformed in a deep way, as it shatters their concepts of disability and difference. To watch a blind child smile when she is being caressed with colour, to watch hearing impaired children run around in sheer joy, to see how easily children accept and play with each other is to learn important lessons in love and togetherness.

How does it help your team?
‘When I first saw the blind children I was stunned and froze’, said Jocelyn Augustine, a member of eCoexist. Playing Holi with them opened her heart and has made Jo realize how it is possible to accept others completely as they are. Members of a corporate group who came to play with some mentally challenged children realized how they had never reached out before to such a group. Team members that have spent such a Holi together share a very special common experience.

How these Funds will be Used
We are aiming to raise Rs. 150 per child - this would cover the cost of the colours, snacks if the group asks for it and also the logistics involved in organising the events.

Here is this list of schools we will be working with this year:

As of now we have aimed to involve 1500 children in the parties - if we raise enough money we can also include more children. Here are some of the schools we'll be working with this year, and this list is only growing
1. Maher - 300 children 
2. Aashraya Initiative for Children - 130 children
3. Vidya Jyoti - 200 children
4. Deep Griha - 480 children

How can you help?
  • Contribute to ensure as many children can enjoy Holi.
  • Offer to help organise one of our events if you are an individual 
  • Offer to help sponsor one of the events if you are a corporate or if you can afford it 
  • Offer to spread the word and encourage the people around you to participate by bringing their friends and children to these events. 
  • Offer logistical support with transport or equipment 
  • Offer to document the events through photography or video
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